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Discover the Joy of Homemade Food.

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Our food premixes are designed to make meal prep quick and easy. Simply add water, mix, and cook for 15 minutes to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal. Whether you’re short on time or just want a hassle-free dinner option, our premixes have you covered. From India’s most popular dishes like Dal Makhani & Chole to flavourful curries with vegan options, we have a premix for every taste and dietary preference. So why wait? Try one of our premixes today and have a delicious meal on the table in no time!

Discover the Joy of Homemade Food. Effortlessly. Anywhere


At Foodtastic, we are committed to bringing you the freshest and most flavourful Indian premixes on the market. We source our spices from the finest farms and suppliers around the country to ensure that every premix is bursting with authentic flavour.

Our team carefully blends each premix by hand, using traditional recipes and techniques to create a truly authentic taste experience. We never use artificial preservatives or additives, so you can trust that you’re getting a natural and healthy product every time. Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the kitchen or just starting out, our Indian spice premixes make it easy to create delicious and aromatic dishes that will impress your family and friends.


Foodtastic has worked hard to bring you a line of Indian spice premixes that make it easy for anyone to become a MasterChef in their own kitchen. With our carefully crafted blends, you can enjoy the flavours of India no matter your skill level. Whether you’re looking to whip up a quick and easy weeknight dinner or impress your family and friends with a gourmet feast, our premixes have you covered. Simply add our premix to your ingredients, follow the instructions, and in no time you’ll be savouring the delicious flavours of India. Try one of our premixes today and discover the MasterChef within!

Why Foodtastic is amazing?

🌱No Added Preservatives | No Added Colours🌱

Our Menu

Pre-Mixes (Serves 3) 80 gms

Methi Mutter Malai - ₹130

A smooth, rich and delicious curry made in a white gravy along with fenugreek, peas, and cashews.

Paneer Makhani - ₹130

Succulently cooked cottage cheese cubes in a smooth tomato cream sauce that is lightly spiced with
a hint of tang and sweetness.

Dal Makhani - ₹130

Black lentils and Kidney Beans cooked with butter and cream making it India’s most special and
popular dal.

Korma - ₹130

A mild curry dish braised in a rich, creamy sauce made of yoghurt, cashews and spices.

Veg. Jalfrezi - ₹130

A delightfully flavorful curry of spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried peppers and onions.

Exotic Veg. - ₹130

A flavorful medium spicy gravy full of well-cooked vegetables.

Paneer Peshawari - ₹130

A rich yet robust cottage cheese preparation that is yummilicious. The paneer cubes are simmered in
cashew onion gravy.

Chana Masala - ₹130

A delicacy of boiled chickpeas simmered in a spicy tomato curry.

Paneer Tikka - ₹130

Restaurant style Paneer Tikka Masala recipe is brimming with bright flavors from the spiced tomato
onion curry and delightfully marinated grilled cottage cheese.

Barbeque Marination - ₹110

Restaurant style Paneer Tikka Masala recipe is brimming with bright flavors from the spiced tomato
onion curry and delightfully marinated grilled cottage cheese.

About Us

Hemali Parekh

4 years ago, my son started his journey and moved to Canada for further studies. Starting from scratch is tough especially for a young 18 year old with no cooking experience and limited financial freedom.

Since food was super expensive he cut down his appetite considerably. Little did he know, we were along with him on this journey as well. As a mother, I used to worry about him a lot (well, the most obvious thing ever). I started making premixes that he could cook within 15 minutes. The happiness I saw on his face when he tried them for the first time. He couldn’t believe he could cook his favourite dishes within minutes while staying thousands of kilometres away.

That is the reason we started Foodtastic to help every person who can’t have “Ghar ka khaana” to make their favourite indian dishes within 3 easy steps.

Hemali Parekh



Thank you for this yummy foodtastic premix gravy...It is very easy to make and serves the tastebuds. My kids loved it very much, would recommend it to all especially to all those kids going away from home for further studies or jobs. It is very easy and convenient to cook.😋👍👍
Preeti Bhutta - Homemaker, Mumbai
10/10 Easy to make and tastiest Desi food I have ever cooked myself.
Dhvanit Doshi - Student, Canada
I couldn't believe my eyes! I cooked a dish within 5 minutes! Would definitely recommend to all my friends 🙂
Nayantara Gopi - Engineer, USA
Foodtastic is really the best for the Indians residing internationally who wish to reminisce "Ghar ka Khaana!"
Vilay Kakwani - Student Canada

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